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On this page, you’ll learn everything you need to know as a member of the DegenMaxi community and how to earn your share of the 500 million DMAX supply.

However, before you continue, it’s important that you read our brief introduction to DegenMaxi and how to invest in DMAX like Pro.

As you may already know, DMAX has a maximum supply of 500 million. And 100% of it goes towards rewarding the community members and investors adding the most value to the project.

Below are the various ways YOU can add value to the project and earn your share of the token supply.

4 ways you can participate and earn DMAX daily

  1. Liquidity mining
  2. Community activity
  3. Promote DMAX everywhere
  4. Others

1. Liquidity mining

The first way to earn a lot of DMAX for free is to provide liquidity to the DMAX-WBCH pool on BenSwap.

You will earn a share of the trading fees generated from the pool in proportion to your share of the total pool balance.

In addition, you can stake your LP (liquidity provider) token on the DMAX-WBCH farm on BenSwap to more DMAX.

The base APR for the DMAX farm is 300%. Guaranteeing you a minimum of 0.8% return on investment (ROI) every day for as long as the supply lasts.

2. Community activity

Every day, we will airdrop 1,000 DMAX to the 10 most active members of our Telegram group.

That’s 100 DMAX per active member every single day until supply is exhausted. All you have to do to be one of them is:

  1. Join our Telegram group
  2. Constantly invite your friends and contacts to the group
  3. Participate in the group discussions by asking and answering questions, sharing useful information, guiding new members, etc.

3. Promote DMAX everywhere

The ultimate success of DMAX depends on our collective effort as a strong community working together.

The team will do everything possible with available resources to promote the project and bring in new investors.

And with your support, we’ll be able to reach farther and achieve bigger results.

Therefore, we need you to join us in promoting DMAX on every social media platform (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Noise, and blogging platforms).

You can share screenshots of your social media posts and links to your article about  DMAX on our Telegram group and get rewarded for them.

Increasing the reach of DMAX benefits all of us and the entire smartBCH ecosystem.

New investors and more volume mean existing token holders earn bigger reflections which in turn encourages new investors to buy and HODL the token.

Furthermore, everyone benefits from the potential increase in token price with the inflow of new investors in addition to the increased reflections due to bigger volume.

We’re a TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More!💪

4. Others

We run NFT giveaways and other community growth programs regularly.

By participating in these programs, you stand a chance to win premium NFTs, BCH, DMAX, CST, and other valuable prizes.

Let’s keep the ❤️ going round…

Our goals and targets for 2022

This section highlights our major goals and targets which we will achieve before the end of 2022.

  1. Make DMAX a top 10 token by liquidity on Marketcap.
  2. Touch the $1 mark.
  3. Grow the community to 10,000+ members on Telegram and Twitter.

What can I do to help achieve these targets?

  1. Promote DMAX on all your social media channels every day.
  2. Add at least $50 to the liquidity pool and stake your LP token to earn even more DMAX.
  3. Personally recruit at least 1 member to the community every week.
  4. Be active and try to participate in all community activities.
  5. Constantly encourage other members to do the same as you.

If we all do these in addition to our corporate marketing efforts, we will reach our targets faster than you can imagine.

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